Updated Student Technology Enhancement Plan

Dear Shorewood Families,

As we prepare for the 2022-2023 school year, we have some exciting news to share regarding an updated "Student Technology Enhancement Plan" (STEP).  Beginning this year, all students in grades 5-12 will be issued a Shorewood School District Chromebook which will be paired with the digital safety software GoGuardian.  These devices will be made available to all students at no additional charge, though optional insurance will be offered.  In addition to providing equitable access for all students, having consistent and reliable devices will allow for enriched authentic and collaborative learning opportunities for students.

The Shorewood School District is committed to Equity, Growth and Excellence For All.  The district will make every possible effort to ensure that STEP is equitable, including the provision of cellular hotspots for households with no internet or inadequate internet.  There will also be future communication, in the form of a Student Chromebook Handbook, that caregivers and students will be asked to review and electronically sign.  Acceptance of the Handbook will be a condition of participation in the STEP program.

As part of ensuring the success of this program we will be removing the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) option beginning this school year.  Use of personal devices in classrooms will return to previous rules observed prior to the BYOD option.  This means that, unless stated within an individualized education plan (IEP/504 plan), students will no longer be able to use their personal devices at school.  Requiring all students to use a District issued device will allow staff to more closely monitor student use of technology in the classroom to ensure that it is being used safely and appropriately.  Additionally, using the same device across the District will allow for more effective technology support of hardware and software loaded on these devices.
For families with students grades 5-12, we ask that you and your student(s) review the information in the Shorewood School District Chromebook Handbook
After you have reviewed the Handbook, all families are required to complete this Acknowledgement Form.  Students will not be able to receive a Chromebook until families have digitally signed this form.
  • The Handbook includes information regarding the optional purchase of insurance.  Families can now purchase insurance within the Infinite Campus “Fees” menu.
  • Additionally, families who do not have internet access can request a Hotspot within the Acknowledgment Form.
  • More information regarding device distribution will be provided by schools in their Back to School messaging to students and families.  
We are looking forward to the opportunities this program will create in the areas of digital wellness and equity as well as creating opportunities for a richer technology enhanced curriculum.  As the year progresses we will assess the impact of this initiative to ensure we are aligning with our District Priorities. We welcome your feedback and look forward to working to ensure student success this upcoming school year.


Jack Wallner
Instructional Technology Manager
[email protected]

Mike Joynt
Director of Teaching and Learning
[email protected]