Two Important District Covid-19 Testing Updates

Hello Shorewood School District Families!

The purpose of this communication is to share information about changes to Covid Testing coming from the State level.  Beginning September 1st, people who are being tested will no longer be able to automatically request both a Rapid Antigen Test and PCR Test on the same day.  Individuals coming to get tested will be able to choose either a Rapid Antigen Test or PCR Test upon arrival.  If a Rapid Antigen Test is requested, the following exceptions would apply for the additional PCR Test to also be administered at that time:

  1.  If the person being tested has NO symptoms but tests positive, the testing system will allow for a follow up PCR

  1.  If the person being tested HAS symptoms but tests negative, the testing system will allow for a follow up PCR

Otherwise, if a person has symptoms and tests positive or does not have symptoms and tests negative, these will be considered “as expected” test results from the Rapid Antigen Test and no further testing will be allowed by the system until the next day.

As a reminder, the new system to register for testing can be found at: 

Additional change:  We will continue to offer testing for all staff (and their families) and all families of the Shorewood School District everyday that the school district is open, but the testing hours have changed.  We are allotted three hours of testing at SHS per the State, so the new times will be from 7:30-9:00am and 4:00-5:30pm in the Shorewood High School Arena Lobby (southwest corner of the parking lot).


Timothy Kenney

Shorewood High School Principal

Shorewood School District Safety Director