SHS Teacher Named WCTE High School Teacher of Excellence

Christine Trainor, an English teacher at Shorewood High School, has been selected as the Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English High School Teacher of Excellence award winner.

This WCTE award recognizes English teachers for excellent practices and contributions in the classroom. Trainor was nominated for the award by her colleagues, Eva Gulotta and Amanda Jamerson.

According to her nomination, Christine is a skilled and passionate teacher whose curriculum is creative and interesting, allowing for voice and choice. She continuously modifies her curriculum to keep it relevant and unique and her energy and enthusiasm for teaching is infectious; students love her class.

She is an inclusive teacher who believes in educating all students. She designs and teaches classroom content so that all students can succeed and thrive. She demonstrates a balance of being supportive and understanding of students’ differences while also pushing all to achieve and believe in themselves as learners. Her classroom is a place where everyone feels welcomed, supported and respected.

Trainor excels in building healthy, collaborative relationships with her colleagues, supporting their special needs students. She welcomes support staff to work with her and is receptive to co-planning and adapting her curriculum to meet unique needs of students.

Differentiation comes naturally to her. She is skilled in understanding, planning for, and adapting her curriculum to meet the unique needs of all her students.

Trainor’s can-do positive attitude is infections and brings out the best in those around her. She is an educator who strives for excellence in her classroom and beyond.

“Christine is an outstanding teacher leader here at Shorewood High School,” says SHS principal Tim Kenney. “Along with her incredible teaching talent, Christine builds meaningful, lasting relationships with her students and can also be frequently seen at school events such as chaperoning dances and attending sports competitions.”

Trainor will receive her honor along with other state honorees at the Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English convention on November 12th in Madison. 

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