SEED's Copperdome Club

copperdome club
It’s beautiful, iconic, and unique, not to mention recently renovated and looking just as grand as the day it was first put on top of Shorewood High School. If you’ve never seen or heard of it, take a look next time you walk down Capitol Drive. The copperdome that sits atop SHS has been an eye-catching landmark and source of pride for generations of students, alumni, and community members. The high school yearbook is named after it, and now SEED is launching a club in its namesake.
copperdome interiorA sneak peek inside the copper dome. Right now, the dome is where Political Theory and American Government are taught.

SEED’s Copperdome Club is a group of generous individuals who have made a decision to leave a legacy gift to SEED. Though this club is just getting started, the idea has been around for some time. In January of 2021, the Shorewood School District announced the launch of a planned giving campaign in partnership with SEED, the Educate Forward Endowment Fund. Carol Habek, Shorewood Class of 1950, passed away in July of 2020, leaving a bequest of $200,000 to SEED’s Educate Forward Endowment Fund, making her the first person to give a legacy gift to SEED.

Carol’s gift was extremely generous, but it’s important to note that there is no minimum amount to become a part of the Coppedome Club. Making a decision to leave a legacy gift is worthy of recognition and sends a statement to students, parents, teachers, and the community that you value quality education in Shorewood and desire to see it sustainably funded, through both good and difficult times. This is an investment in the education of not just current students, but also generations of future students to come. 

We sat down with Megann Hendrix, an Estate Planning Attorney at MacGillis Weimer, LLC, and Shorewood mother, to get answers to commonly asked questions around planned giving.  

megann hendrixMegann Hendrix, Estate Planning Attorney at MacGillis Weimer, LLC

SEED (Q): How would a person designate SEED as a beneficiary when they are first creating their will or trust? 

Megann Hendrix (A): When creating a will or trust to distribute their estate, the person can either designate SEED to receive a specific dollar amount (specific bequest) or receive a percentage of the estate. The drafter should make sure to designate the full legal name of SEED: Shorewood Supporters of Excellence in Educational Development (SEED) Fdn. Inc., Tax ID Number 04--3750042.

Q: What is the process for adding SEED to a person’s existing will or trust?

A: A will or trust is amendable during the person’s lifetime, so the person could call their estate planning attorney to request an amendment to the document. A will is amended by drafting a “codicil” or by simply creating a new will to revoke the prior and replace it in full. A Revocable Trust is amended by drafting either an “amendment” to make a minor change or a “restatement” to restate the trust in full.

Q: Are there any other ways to designate assets to SEED upon death?

A: Direct beneficiary designations could also be used to designate SEED as a beneficiary of particular assets. This is especially beneficial for retirement accounts (401(k)s, IRAs, etc. because charities do not pay income taxes on the distribution, whereas individuals they choose to name in their estate plan will pay income taxes on funds coming from retirement accounts.

We hope you will consider becoming a part of the Copperdome Club! Our school district greatly appreciates the continued generosity of SEED donors, many of which are past students and alumni! We would like to acknowledge our founding members:

Carol Habbek (Class of 1950)
Peter Hammond (Class of 1982) and Sarah Hammond (Class of 1984)
Sarah McEneany and Bob Smith
Melissa and Eric Nelsen (Class of 1983)
Christin and Oscar Wille (Class of 1993)
Carrie and John Wettstein

If you are ready to leave a lasting legacy, please reach out to SEED President, Melissa Nelson at [email protected].

Click here for detailed instructions on how to donate to the Educate Forward Endowment Fund through planned giving.