Greyhound Pride on Display

Greyhound pride is more visible than ever on the campus of Shorewood High School, thanks to a $50,000 grant secured by Shorewood Athletics and Activities Director Taz Landry.

 The athletics branding upgrades include bold window decals adorning multiple buildings, avenue banners lining the walkways from the school to the stadium and wayfinding signs for the concession stand and ticket booth. The grant also enabled SHS to secure a media backdrop, branded tablecloths and tents; branded chairs for the athletics conference room and offices; signage and logos for storage spaces, locker rooms and arena entrances; whiteboards for the athletics spaces and locker rooms; and a wind screen at the stadium’s north endzone.

Landry decided last May to enter Shorewood in a campus branding giveaway sweepstakes from BSN Sports, a company offering custom products and design solution for schools and universities nationwide. To celebrate its 50th anniversary, BSN offered districts a chance to win $50,000 toward an athletics branding makeover.

“I initially thought it was a joke when I read the email that we’d won,” says Landry, who had submitted an essay to BSN explaining why Shorewood was deserving of the funds. “Once the shock wore off, the excitement set in. Shorewood has a robust history of athletics, and especially coming off quite a year last year, winning four State championships and one runner-up, it was perfect timing.” 

This past summer, BSN held multiple meetings with Landry to assess Shorewood’s branding needs and determine how best to allocate the funds. Once Landry approved a final branding plan, the BSN team flew in to complete the installation during SHS Homecoming Week.

SHS sophomore and student-athlete Kaymin Phillips says her favorite part of the new installation is the avenue banners lining the VHE pool building.

“I think the banners really decorate the school, but also I feel that this representation shows other schools what we’re about and how much we value school pride,” she says. “I think this branding is important because it really encourages students to come out and support our sports teams. As an athlete, it’s nice to know that there are supporters in the stands rooting for you. It really brings us all closer together as a school and community.”

SHS senior soccer player Olivia Salas says she greatly appreciates the locker room and field upgrades. 

“I am looking forward to using the new whiteboards in the locker room,” she says. “I really think they will help improve our strategy and pre-game focus. I also love the branding around the field because to me, it instills a sense of motivation and pride within the players. When we see ‘Greyhound Pride” and ‘Greyhound Nation,’ it is a reminder of what we are out there fighting for on our field. It reminds us of who we are, and what we want to accomplish, not only for our school, but for ourselves.” 

According to Landry, the branding has already helped amplify school spirit and unity. While it’s too early to tell, he has high hopes that it will help grow participation rates in the athletic programs.

“Our student-athletes are proud to walk the halls, train, and host games at our facilities, and now we have the branding to match,” Landry says. “I think this fresh look will assist us in creating an even stronger school identity and will really highlight Shorewood’s culture of innovation and excellence within the community.”

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[Pictured: Taz Landry, center, stands with student athletes from Shorewood High School in front of new signage at the entrance to the SHS arena. Photo credit - Patrick Manning]