District Showcases Equity in Action

This academic year, a Shorewood School District priority is to highlight the importance of the District’s equity work from the perspectives of teachers and staff.

To that end, says Director for Equity Shari Tucker, the District has created a monthly series called Equity in Action. Installments began appearing on the District’s website and social media accounts this past July. “The series gives us a way to showcase the work various staff members are doing across the District in an authentic, organic and meaningful way,” Tucker says.

Equity in Action features one staff member each month, sharing their answers to questions such as, “How has your specific work aligned with our equity work?” and “What steps have you taken to look at inequities within your systems?” Offering perspective from staff and teachers, Tucker notes, gives families, students and community members a deeper look into the equity work happening across the District, specifically regarding the effects of equity work in classroom instruction and equitable student outcomes. 

“All schools, as well as District leadership, continue to work on finding more ways to open access to positive and equitable learning opportunities for all students,” Tucker says. “During required monthly school planning meetings, school leaders facilitate as the staff spends time questioning the systems that created the District’s inequities in the first place, and brainstorms ways to plan and implement both individual and collective equity work within our educational infrastructure.”

Learn more about the District’s equity initiatives, including the Equity in Action series, at shorewood.k12.wi.us/apps/pages/EquityInAction