SHS Choir Students Compete at WSMA State Solo & Ensemble Festival

On Saturday, April 21, 43 high schools and 15 middle schools brought performers to the campus of UW-Milwaukee for the annual Wisconsin School Music Associations State Solo & Ensemble Festival.   

Shorewood High School had 12 choir students compete at the festival and of the 11 events that the students participated in, ten of the events received a top rating of "1."  

"These outstanding results put Shorewood singers in the top two of the high school results for the day," says SHS choir director Jason Clark. "What a huge testament to the hard work and dedication of the students and the support of their families and, in many cases, private teachers who helped to make this event so successful! I am so proud of these students!" 

The students who contributed to these tremendous results are listed below:

Shorewood High School

Marie Arndorfer 
Audrey Blackmore 
Arthur Christiansen 
Gracelyn Domino-Brown
Eric Hanna
Sasha Malinkine
Masha Malinkine
Vivian Rich
Rose Schnorr
Andrew Sibila
Tyndall Talley
Frances Wagner 

Students/Events Earning a "1"

Marie Arndorfer ~ Soprano Solo, Madrigal Ensemble
Audrey Blackmore ~ Alto Solo, Madrigal Ensemble
Arthur Christiansen ~ Tenor Solo, TTBB Quartet, Madrigal Ensemble
Gracely Domino Brown ~ Alto Solo
Eric Hanna ~ Baritone Solo, TTBB Quartet, Madrigal Ensemble
Sasha Malinkine ~ TTBB Quartet, Madrigal Ensemble
Masha Malinkine ~ SSA Trio, Madrigal Ensemble
Vivian Rich ~ SSA Trio, Madrigal Ensemble
Rose Schnorr ~ Madrigal Ensemble
Andrew Sibila ~ TTBB Quartet, Madrigal Ensemble
Tyndall Talley ~ Soprano Solo, SSA Trio, Madrigal Ensemble
Frances Wagner ~ Soprano Solo 

Congratulations to all of these students!


About Solo & Ensemble Festivals

The festival program for which WSMA is most well-known, Solo & Ensemble, draws in more than 100,000 students each year, representing every county in the state of Wisconsin! I still have my Solo & Ensemble medals” is a statement regularly heard by WSMA staff from generations of festival participants who take pride in this long-time tradition, which creates memories and skills for life. Through the Solo & Ensemble experience, students learn the discipline of rehearsal, are challenged to advance their musical skills, perform in front of an audience and adjudicator, and receive feedback on their performance. Those that perform at the highest level (Class A) at a WSMA District Festival have the opportunity to receive a 1* (one-star) rating which advances them on to State Solo & Ensemble Festival.

Each year over 32,000 students (11,000+ events) qualify at district festivals to perform at State Solo & Ensemble festival making this event one of the largest of its kind in the nation. These students represent the student talent and high quality of music programs in Wisconsin’s schools.
District Solo & Ensemble Festival
District festivals are held at local schools and scheduled by the district festival manager. Adjudicators are selected by WSMA.
For students in grades: 6-12
Timeline: November, January-April
State Solo & Ensemble Festival
For students that receive a “starred first” rating (*1) at the Class A level at a district festival. State festivals are held at a total of 11 University/College campuses around Wisconsin. Scheduling and adjudicator selection is done by WSMA.
Timeline: Last Saturday of April and first Saturday of May
All WSMA Festivals have five primary goals:
Improve students’ music performance;
Increase students’ understanding of music literature and music concepts;
Motivate students to continue their study of music;
Establish standards of excellence in music performance;
Provide opportunities for students to understand the relationship of music experiences to other life experiences.