Shorewood School District's Collaborative Commitments to Equity

In its work to eliminate inequities comprehensively across all schools, the Shorewood School District continues to engage  with Integrated Comprehensive Systems for Equity to build the capacity of all educators and transform systems. The work is grounded in the District’s strategic framework, which identifies among its primary goals social justice curriculum, anti-racist pedagogy, and addressing work-culture barriers that can prevent staff and administrators from addressing inequity and injustice.

As part of this multi-year effort, faculty and staff across the  District worked through a rigorous process together this school year to define the District’s “Collaborative Commitments to Equity” or CCE. These seven commitments will serve as guiding principles for each Shorewood school in assessing systems and creating teams to focus on meeting the needs of all learners. 
1. Eliminating inequities requires continuous self-reflection, growth and action to hold ourselves and others accountable. 
2. The system, and everyone in it, is responsible for creating successful outcomes for all learners. 
3. Staff collaborate to create, implement and assess a cohesive instructional model. 
4. Learners are intentionally and proportionally represented in all learning environments. 
5. Staff work collaboratively to build our collective capacity. 
6. Staff use identity-relevant teaching and learn to create, implement and assess curriculum in heterogeneous earning environments. 
7. District policies, procedures, hiring practices and funding align with our CCE.
The CCE will also serve as District standards for operationalizing these processes, ensuring that the District’s equity goals become realities for everyone in the Shorewood learning communities. 
District Director for Equity Shari Tucker says that these commitments, adopted by the School Board in Spring 2023, “reflect  both the progress we have made as a District, and the work ahead…[the District] looks forward to sharing more information and beginning a dialogue about how these commitments will impact teaching and learning in the months ahead.” 
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