SHS Receives DPI Pacesetter Award

Shorewood High School was among 142 Wisconsin schools that received recognition for high participation and achievement on Advanced Placement exams.

The 2022 Advanced Placement Pacesetter Awards are a celebration of excellence from students across the state of Wisconsin. Shorewood High School received a Level 2 rating, meaning 20% or more of all SHS students participate in at least one AP exam, and 65% or more of those students are earning scores of 3 or above on the exams. This award highlights the great work that teachers and students are achieving. It shows that SHS offers a rigorous curriculum that numerous students are engaging with on campus, a curriculum that helps ensure students are college ready and able to perform at the highest level. “Winning this award is a testament to our students’ desire to push themselves to achieve at high levels and challenge themselves in various ways,” says Scott Brown, School Counselor at SHS. 

According to research, students who take an AP course and score a 3 or above, perform better in college. Providing challenging, rigorous opportunities for all students opens up more opportunities for students beyond high school, as well as saving them money. If students perform well on the AP tests, they earn college credit. Students at SHS have 12 AP classes to choose from.