Assistant State Superintendent Celebrates First Day of School in Shorewood

Assistant State Superintendent, Dr. Keona Jones, visited Shorewood Intermediate School and Shorewood High School on September 5, 2023. Dr. Jones was accompanied by Demetri Beekman, Dr. Aastha Ranabhat, and Benjamin Ketterer, officials from Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. 


The group began their tour at SIS and were greeted by student tour guides, who showed the adults all the great things happening at their school. The kids talked to the group about what makes a great teacher: cultivating a sense of belonging in the classroom, a teacher who is engaging, easy to talk to, and a bit of humor were all the traits the students believed made an excellent teacher.


After the group finished their visit at SIS, they were greeted by the SHS leadership team and a group of students who led them on a tour of the main building, the Copperdome, auditorium, and the community pool. Principal Tim Kenney highlighted the partnership that SHS has with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, in which students can receive mental health services while they attend school, so they don't have to disrupt their school day for off-site mental health appointments. While the Shorewood School District is proud of its academic achievements, its focus on the whole-child and providing mental health services is an example of how excellence means more to the District.