Staff Participates in Gender Inclusive Professional Development

gsafe presentation

On Monday, staff members received PD around the topic of gender inclusive classrooms and schools and how we can create a safe and welcoming place for all students to learn and excel.


Brian J., a presenter from GSAFE, talked to the staff about the differences between gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. He explained to the faculty what it means for students who identify as transgender and nonbinary and the correct terminology to use when talking to our students who identify as either one. Brian also explained the importance of this work and how it impacts our community.

LGBT-inclusive curriculum benefits all students because it is exposing them to more inclusive and accurate accounts of history. It will help the students by having a better understanding of LGBT people and their contributions to society. Learning about LGBT topics will foster self reflection and cause students to question existing stereotypes surrounding LGBT community. Lastly, it will teach our students to be more accepting of others.

The goal at the SSD is to provide space for all student voices and validate their existence and experiences. It comes down to a mutual understanding of respect, love, and families. 


GSAFE creates just schools for LGBTQ+ youth in Wisconsin. We do this by:

  • Developing the leadership of LGBTQ+ youth
  • Supporting Gay-Straight Alliances
  • Training educators
  • Advancing educational justice
  • Deepening racial, gender, trans, and social justice