Exploring Social Activism Through Image and Word

Last week, we kicked off Black History Month by celebrating and recognizing the contributions that Blacks have made in the dynamic field of arts. We created a document that contains links to various online art galleries highlighting some amazing Black artists. We also shared an art piece on social media from one of our very own high school students, Mahailey Stephens. As we head into two of BHM, we are honoring the contributions the Black community has made in the field of healthcare and the impact that it's had worldwide. You can learn more about the contributions of Henrietta Lacks, Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, and more by clicking here. 

Mahailey's Capstone Project was created for the class, Exploring Social Activism Through Image and Word and it combines art with a healthcare crisis that plagues the Black women. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Black women in the United States are roughly three times more likely to die in childbirth than white women.” This is due to there being a variation in quality of healthcare for black women compared to white women, underlying chronic health conditions, structural racism, and implicit bias.

“Throughout my research, I had the pleasure of speaking to Dr. Janine James, OBGYN, and Doula, Kyla Mumford. These are two individuals in Milwaukee who are currently working to help Black others survive and thrive,” says Stephens. “Dr. Janine and Ms. Mumford listens to their patients and advocates for their needs constantly. Making sure that a mother never goes unheard or silenced.”

After learning about some of the concerns from Black mothers, Stephens felt compelled to spread awareness. Stephens says about her art piece, “Above, I’ve used a childhood picture of my mother, two sisters, and me to show the aftermath of this tragedy. A mother may not only be forced to leave her youngest child alone but also her oldest. Causing the long lasting effect of not having their mother around.”