Gov. Evers Honors the 2023 Governor's Financial Literacy Award Recipients

Shorewood High School teacher, Evan Schmidt, was one of seven individuals who received the 2023’s Governor’s Financial Literacy Award in a ceremony at the Wisconsin State Capitol. Schmidt received the award because of his efforts in helping students and fellow Wisconsinites build their financial literacy and capability skills.

The 2023’s Governor’s Financial Literacy Awards honored recipients in one of three categories: individual, organization, or legacy, for providing exceptional financial literacy and capability education in an inclusive and innovative manner. Schmidt received the award in the individual category.

In December, Gov. Evers signed a bill into law that requires Wisconsin high schools offer at least one semester of financial literacy to all its students, a class that Shorewood High School already offers. Schmidt says, “I believe this requirement will put our state’s youth in a position to make good choices about their futures and will have positive consequences, such as protecting them from identity theft and helping them save for retirement.”

The recipients were selected by the Governor’s Council on Financial Literacy and Capability from the nominations submitted for consideration. You can read more about award recipients and the selection process in the full news release