Sixth Grade Orchestra Performs at the State Capitol

orchestra concert


Sixth grade orchestra students from Atwater and Lake Bluff Elementary performed a 13 song concert at the Capitol in Madison on Thursday, March 21. Each year the Wisconsin Music Educators Association (WMEA) sponsors school musical groups to perform in the Rotunda during the month of March. The concerts kick off as a celebration of Music In Our Schools Month and gives students the opportunity to perform in Capitol Concerts. Out of all the applications the organization receives, only 10 schools are selected to perform. 

The opportunity for sixth-grade students to put on a concert at the Capitol was not only a memorable experience but also a significant one for the group. Due to the 2020 pandemic, these students missed out on a crucial aspect of their fourth-grade education - a tour of the State Capitol while learning about Wisconsin history. The chance to finally visit the Capitol not only allowed them to showcase their musical talents but also provided a valuable educational experience that they have been looking forward to for years.