SHS & SIS Celebrate 2018 Scholastic State Art Award Winners

The Shorewood School District is pleased to announce the 2018 Scholastic State Art award winners from Shorewood Intermediate and Shorewood High School. This year was another record setting year for the Shorewood Visual Arts as 75 total awards were given out to the students (SHS: 48 Honorable Mentions, eight Silver Keys, and nine Gold Keys; SIS: one Gold Key, one Silver Key, and eight Honorable Mentions). All of this is the result of strong foundational programs at our elementary schools, a thriving intermediate program, energy and expertise at the high school and an amazingly creative community of student artists. It seems that the complexities of today's visual and fast-moving world, paired with the sensitivity of our young people, has led to the ideal conditions for making powerful art.

The work of the Gold and Silver Key winners is on display in the Schroeder Galleria at the Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM) from February 3 through March 18, and the Gold Key winners will automatically be entered into the National Scholastic Competition. The MAM will also host an award ceremony on Saturday, February 10, for the award recipients. Anyone is welcome to attend and participants will receive free admission into the museum that day.

View ALL of the artwork listed below, here.

Congratulations to the following SHS students:

Gold Key
Nawel Baya- Chaos, ?, Silhouette (3)
Jacob Burnham- Spiral Ascent
Shannon Carlson- Light, Gloom (2) 
Ari Cobb- Asphyxiation 
Anna Hietpas- Stowell
Elizabeth Miller- Red Coat

Silver Key
Nawel Baya- Grid 
Sarah Berry- Less Untitled #1
Jacob Burnham- Fog Bound 
Sofia Fardella- Dragonflies & Night Skies
Arryn Haynes- Rain 
Jasmine Rosenblatt- Widow
Carly Yanoff- Lake Effect, Place of Worship (2)

Honorable Mention
Lydia Anshus- Identity
Nawel Baya- Shadows, Chicago, Contrast, Checking In, Graham, Wehidet El Karn (6)
Sarah Berry- To the Woods We Go (Isaac), To Quell the Pursuit of Strength, Unentitled #2, Adam (4)
Tessa Bulluck- Imaginary Friends
Jacob Burnham- Sky Band, Sand Painting, Vertigo (3)
Michael Bykowski- Magenta, In*decision – Film Still (2)
Shannon Carlson- Submergence, Forest (2)
Sophia D'Amato- Benny and Bo
Reed Falkner- The Weekday Escape
Sofia Fardella- Music Makes Me Lose Control
Clara Lu Guequierre- Many Mothers
Mark Hawi- The Blue City, Forgotten Street (2)
Anna Hietpas- Oh Snap!
Jack Madell- Emotions
Elizabeth Miller- Patchy Jumpsuit
Zoey Nahmmacher-Brum- In Need of Heart, Samuel (2)
Mira Prabhu, Crime Queen
Cristina Rodriguez- Helen, Kenopsia (2)
Jasmine Rosenblatt- The Herd, Sour (2)
Maya Grace Schmitz- Sunset, Fear (2)
Jack Tetting- Observation, The Chalice of Light, The Crucible (A Parody) (3)
Liam Smith- Work Title (Brady Street #1), Work Title (Child) (2)
Carly Yanoff- Strings, Streetlight, Palm Reader, Skyscrapers, Sparklers (5)

Additionally, congratulations to the following SIS students:

Gold Key
Will Lichtenstein- Wave

Silver Key
Jamie Puppe- Antelople Canyon

Honorable Mention
Henry Colucci- Dream Part 3
Maggie Dickman- Streets of Safed
Lizza Korolev- Life is In Your Hands
Betty Murie- Light and Dark
Leah Rodriguez- Vintage Me
Olivia Salas- Night in the City
Matteo Scardina- Major Tom
Mila Thelen- Sight