Shorewood School District School Safety Information

Message from Dr. Bryan Davis, Shorewood Schools Superintendent:

At the start of every school year, staff engage in discussions about safety procedures and plans. In October, Atwater, Lake Bluff, Shorewood Intermediate School, and Shorewood High School participated in a School Safety Week. During this time, all schools practiced various safety drills, including lockdown and evacuation procedures. In the event of an active threat, we would use our lockdown and/or evacuation procedures to keep our students and staff safe. The message we send to all students is the importance of listening to the nearest adult. In the event of an evacuation, the District will coordinate with law enforcement to initiate a reunification plan. Infinite Campus, the District's student information system, will be used to notify families about the situation and where to meet their students. Families will receive an Infinite Campus message via email, phone text, and/or a phone call. While each school does have an evacuation site, that site may change depending on the context of the situation.

Due to the uniqueness of the SHS campus, additional steps have been taken to increase awareness, procedures, and plans in the event an active threat event happens on campus. At the start of the school year, staff are trained in A.L.I.C.E. procedures. Commonly referred to as "run, hide, fight," A.L.I.C.E. training helps equip staff members with the necessary tools to make a decision for the students in their care, depending on the exact situation unfolding at the time. If an active threat event occurs on campus, staff know they should try to escape campus (run), if they are unable to escape, they should attempt to hide from the threat (hide), and, if they are confronted by someone who wants to cause harm they should attempt to not allow this to happen (fight).

If, at any time, you or your children are worried about the safety of another student, adult, or any potential threat, please let school staff or Shorewood Police know immediately. The non-­‐emergency number for the Shorewood Police Department is 414-­‐351-­‐9900. In the case of an immediate emergency, dial 911.

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