See Photos from Atwater & Lake Bluff Celebrations of Learning

Atwater and Lake Bluff Elementary School recently hosted Celebrations of Learning to provide the opportunity for students to present their case studies and expeditions to parents and families as part of their Expeditionary Learning experience.
A celebration of learning is a culminating event at the end of a long-term case study or expedition. During a celebration of learning, students not only show the final product created during the case study/expedition but also describe the process taken to achieve academic growth in creating the final product. Celebrations of learning are open families, school partners, and community members.
Click on the links below to see photos from the Celebrations of Learning:
Atwater Celebrations of Learning Photos:
Lake Bluff Celebrations of Learning Photos:
Atwater Celebration of Learning
 (Atwater Celebration, Photo by Lena Lysakova)

Lake Bluff Celebration of Learning

(Lake Bluff Celebration at Shorewood Public Library)