Shorewood School District Receives State School Safety Grant to Bolster Security

Shorewood School District recently received word that its grant application request for $102,878.50—a share of the $100 million the state of Wisconsin has allocated for school safety grants for public and private schools—has been awarded.

The District plans to use the majority of this grant money to purchase and install additional interior and exterior cameras at each of its four schools.

Approximately 45 cameras will be added to each elementary school and to the intermediate school. Shorewood High School—which already has over 100 cameras across campus—will also acquire additional cameras to increase coverage.  

“Our Master Facilities Plan prioritizes safety and security as one of the top areas to address at each of our campuses," says District Superintendent Bryan Davis. "This grant provides us with the financial support to make our schools safer for the 2018-2019 school year.” 

According to the District’s director of technology, Mickey Chavannes, new video monitoring capabilities will include the ability for administrators to view security footage from any device (such as iPads, cell phones, and other smart devices), elementary school playgrounds will now have better coverage, video recordings will be archived for multiple days, and there will be the potential to live stream footage with the Shorewood Police Department in the future.

All cameras purchased will the grant money are expected to be up and running prior to the start of the upcoming school year.

For more information regarding the grant, view the Grant Announcement: 2018 School Safety Initiative.