School Board President Paru Shah Receives WASB Member Recognition Award

The Shorewood School District would like to acknowledge Shorewood School Board President Paru Shah who recently learned she will be recognized with a Level 1 Member Recognition award by the WASB Member Recognition program for her commitment to board professional development. She will be publicly recognized at the upcoming member’s WASB Fall Regional Meeting.
Through its Member Recognition Program, Board members earn points for attending WASB and NSBA events and participating in specific activities including: attending or speaking at sponsored events; serving on WASB committees; serving on non-WASB committees on behalf of the WASB; and serving as a delegate to the WASB Delegate Assembly. After earning a designated number of points, board members are awarded an Achievement Level and recognized at that member’s WASB Fall Regional Meeting.
The annual Member Recognition Program runs from July 1 through June 30, and points are cumulative from year to year. In August, the WASB sends a Member Recognition Report to each school board member who qualified for a new level that year. Qualifying board members are recognized with recognition pins and certificates at a WASB Fall Regional Meeting.
For more information on this recognition program, visit the WASB website.