Forward, Statewide ACT, and DLM Results Released

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction recently released the Wisconsin Forward Exam, Wisconsin Statewide ACT, and Dynamic Learning Maps results for public viewing.

To view these results, please go to WISE data public website here.
View the Journal Sentinel Online article summarizing statewide results here.

As the Forward test results (Grades 3-8) indicate below, the Shorewood School District continues to be ahead of state average in all areas.
% of students prof/advanced Shorewood Statewide
ELA 60.2% 42.4%
Math 62.9% 43.8%
Science 63.5% 49.9%
Social Studies 66.2% 50.6%
Looking at the Statewide ACT results (Grade 11 on 2/27/18), the Class of 2019 improved Shorewood High School’s ACT composite score to 23.5 from 22.2 in 2017. This is the highest average Shorewood High School has obtained since the beginning of the ACT Statewide assessment in 2015.

Graduating Class of 2019 Statewide ACT Results

Freshman Aspire Predicted ACT Average = 23.2
Sophomore Aspire Predicted ACT Average = 22.5
Junior Statewide ACT Average = 22.2