To Kill A Mockingbird Production Will Not Take Place

This morning, the SHS Drama director and student cast and crew members met to discuss the dress rehearsal of To Kill A Mockingbird for their families (per Update #7 from the Superintendent). Overall, the consensus among the students was that they felt if they moved forward with the dress rehearsal, they would lose the original message they wanted to convey by performing the play and would be performing it for the wrong reasons. Therefore, the dress rehearsal for tonight will not take place. More details about ticket reimbursement will be forthcoming.

We want to thank the cast, crew and staff of To Kill a Mockingbird for their hard work on this play. And we would like to thank all of our students for their willingness to listen to each other with grace and patience, and their desire to seek a path moving forward.

The District is committed to learning from the experience, beginning the healing, and further engaging with the community.

Bryan Davis

Shorewood School District Superintendent