SHS Receives "Significantly Exceeds Expectations"

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) released District and School Report Cards for public viewing on Tuesday, November 13th. As the Report Card Scores indicate below, Shorewood High School was rated as “Significantly Exceeds Expectations.”
School Score Overall Accountability Rating
Shorewood High School 85.5 Significantly Exceeds Expectations
Important Items to Note

School Growth: School Growth is determined through a “Value Add Calculation” created by UW-Madison. This calculation is used to determine the academic growth of students from year to year. Until now, the High School has not been given a “School Growth” score that compares student growth from 9th grade through 11th grade. All high schools receive a “School Growth” score based on student growth from 9th and 10th grade ASPIRE to the 11th grade ACT assessments.

Graduation Rate Gaps: One of the biggest jumps the District, as a whole, made was in closing Graduation Rate Gaps. It is important to note that this is considered a “lagging data point.” In other words, this score is not calculated based off of 2017-18 graduation rates, but rather 2016-17 graduation rates. The reason for this is that the graduation data is often not complete until after summer school concludes, so data is not available for DPI to put into school/district report cards. During the 2016-17 school year, the high school had a very high percentage of students graduate, hence the increase in score.


Shorewood High School scored higher than the State averages in the areas of “Student Achievement,” “Growth,” “Closing Gaps,” and “On-Track and Postsecondary Readiness.” SHS’s state report card score grew from last year, and Shorewood High School continues to be a high achieving public high school dedicated to ensuring graduation and post secondary success for all of our students.

Growth Opportunities

In looking at the school report card, SHS should continue its focus on ELA curriculum and instruction. While growth was made in this area compared to last year, we are still slightly lagging behind our math scores. High school teachers recently completed a curriculum mapping exercise in 7-12 ELA courses utilizing Wisconsin Standards and Social Justice Standards to increase skill alignment.
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