Shorewood Public Library Explores an African American Perspective on To Kill a Mockingbird

Reggie Jackson will take an alternative look at Harper Lee's classic book To Kill A Mockingbird at 6:30 PM on Thursday, December 13th in the lower level meeting room of the Shorewood Village Center, 3920 North Murray Avenue.
In a program titled “To Kill a Mockingbird: An African American Perspective,” Jackson will explore the African American response to the book in 1960 as well as responses to the book in contemporary times. Jackson will examine three separate time periods including 1935, 1960 as well as responses from today, and through a historical perspective, he will dig into the main characters and the roles that they played in the book. Many believe that the book is a good tool to explore issues of race, and Jackson will examine that belief by asking pertinent questions about the depth of characters, the use of racial epithets used throughout the book, and the consequences of the way the book ends.
Jackson is a regional and national speaker, researcher, and writer. His work helps institutions and individuals understand how our country’s racial hierarchy developed historically, its impact on our lives today, and how we can realize America’s promise for all citizens. To do this, Jackson shares seldom-told stories and data about the experiences of African Americans and other peoples of color past and present. Jackson also serves as Head Griot (docent) for America's Black Holocaust Museum.
This event is free and open to the public.
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