Message from the Superintendent: Make-Up Time from School Cancellations

Dear Parents and Guardians,
After our snowy and bitterly cold week, here is how we plan to make up our time. The Department of Public Instruction has requirements for the number of hours of instructional time schools have per school year.  When subtracting our three missed days this week from our current calendar, there are a couple of adjustments that need to be made in order to meet our required instructional hours from the Department of Public Instruction. The adjustments are as follows:
1.  All Shorewood Schools will be in session on Monday, April 22.  This was previously a day off of school.  
2.  Shorewood High School will add two minutes to 5th hour each day beginning Tuesday, February 12th.  Because lunch time does not count towards our required instructional minutes, we will accomplish this by reducing the lunch time from 48 minutes to 46 minutes.  5th hour will become 53 minutes in length while the other hours will remain at 51 minutes.  The lunch time will go back to 48 minutes for the 2019-2020 school year.
SIS and the Elementary Schools do not need to make adjustments to their minutes as their schedules are able to meet the requirements.  If there are additional days off due to inclement weather during the rest of this school year, we will use Friday, May 24 as the first additional day and then add days to the end of the year beginning on Thursday, June 13.
Dr. Bryan Davis
Shorewood School District