The Shorewood School District provides a liberal arts education responsive to each student’s interests and abilities, earning national recognition for its tradition of excellence in education. Shorewood is committed to giving our students in 4K kindergarten through grade 12 the opportunity to participate in authentic learning experiences that build their capacity to innovate, work together to solve problems, and contribute to their community. Shorewood also emphasizes whole-child wellness


Wisconsin Academic Standards specify what students should know and be able to do in the classroom. They serve as goals for teaching and learning. Shorewood School District aligns with Wisconsin Academic Standards when available and appropriate. We utilize the Wisconsin Standards to inform our curriculum writing and design process. The Wisconsin Academic Standards can be found here: Wisconsin Academic Standards.

Most standard documents are lengthy and can be confusing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Director of Curriculum & Instruction.


Our district is consistently and systematically reviewing our process of servicing our students using Wisconsin's Framework for Equitable Multi-Level Systems of Support (EMLSS) system. More information about EMLSS can be found on the DPI link here. Please feel free to follow up with any questions you may have.


School Performance and State Accountability Report Cards
As part of Wisconsin's accountability measures, the State's Department of Public Instruction (or DPI) releases School Performance and State Accountability Report Cards for every school and school district in Wisconsin each year.

To view the current School Performance and State Accountability Report Cards, please visit the WiseDash Public Portal, the DPI Report Card webpage, or see below.

No report cards were produced for the 2019-20 school year.
Pursuant to Wisconsin State Statute 115.28 (54m), notice must be provided regarding the educational options available to all students who are at least three years old, but not yet 18 years old.

The Shorewood School District offers a variety of educational options to children who reside in the District.  The District’s primary educational pathway and instructional program for students involves a progression from 4-year-old kindergarten through 12th grade, leading to a high school diploma.

The District’s schools are listed below:
Atwater Elementary School (4K-6th Grade)
Lake Bluff Elementary School (4K-6th Grade)
Shorewood Intermediate School (7th-8th Grade)
Shorewood High School (9th-12th Grade)
New Horizons Charter School (9th-12th Grade)

Some of the specific education programs offered to eligible students who are enrolled in and attending the District’s schools include the following:

  • Special education for students with disabilities
  • Multi-lingual Learner (MLL) education
  • Gifted and Talented programming
  • Individualized program and curriculum modifications
  • Summer school programming
  • Early College Credit Program
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Courses
  • Charter Schools
  • Alternative Schools
  • Dual Credit Programs
  • Work Study Programs
  • Full-Time Open Enrollment
Additional educational options for children who reside in the District that involve full-time enrollment/attendance at a school, program, or other educational institution that is not a school or instrumentality of the Shorewood School District include the following:
  • High school students meeting certain age and other eligibility requirements may be permitted to attend a technical college or certain other programs for the purpose of completing a program leading to the student’s high school graduation or to a high school equivalency diploma.
  • Full-time Open Enrollment involving physical attendance in a public school of a nonresident school district or attendance through a virtual charter school that is associated with a nonresident school district.
  • Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, a child with a disability who meets the program’s specific  eligibility requirements may apply to attend an eligible, participating private school under a scholarship awarded through the state’s “Special Needs Scholarship Program,” as established under section 115.7915 of the state statutes.
  • Enrollment in a private school of the family’s choosing (at the family’s own cost, as applicable).
  • Enrollment in a home-based private educational program as provided under state law.
Educational options for children who reside in the Shorewood School District, but who are enrolled in and attending a private school or home-based private educational program include the following:

  • Such students have the opportunity to attend summer school classes/programs offered in the District.
  • Private school students in the high school grades have the opportunity to apply for approval to take up to two courses per semester in a District school, pursuant to section 118.145(4) of the state statues.
  • Students who are enrolled in a home-based private educational program have the opportunity to:
    • Apply for approval to take up to two (2) courses per semester in public schools as provided under section 118.53;
    • Participate in District interscholastic athletics and other District extracurricular activities as provided under section 118.133.

For more information about any of the educational options listed in this notice, please contact the District’s main administrative office at 414-963-6900 or the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.


At the February 28, 2023 Board meeting, Director of Teaching & Learning Mike Joynt shared an update on how teachers use the FastBridge data to guide next steps in serving students.  The below overview explains how formative assessment is used to help understand and celebrate student growth and also meet identified individual student academic needs.