School Perceptions Survey

Each year, students in the Shorewood School District have the opportunity to participate in the School Perceptions Student Engagement Survey. The survey collects data on seven indicators of student engagement:
  • Connectedness
  • Drive
  • Citizenship
  • Preparation
  • Social and Emotional Aptitude
  • Wellness
  • Equity

The survey is designed to measure a student’s engagement in both their school work and school community. It provides the District with important information, such as how students spend their free time, their perception of the rigor and relevance of our curriculum, how they utilize various support systems, school life and planning for life after high school graduation.
The goal in conducting this survey is to identify how the District can best support each student to ensure their lifelong success upon graduation from the Shorewood High School. The data collected will help the District to improve the quality of the education for your child as well as every student in the Shorewood School District.
2023 School Perceptions Survey Reports
2022 School Perceptions Survey Reports
2021 School Perceptions Survey Reports