District Hosts First Community-Wide Strategic Plan Framework Meeting

On Monday October 28th, the District hosted the first of six community sessions to begin building an equitable District Strategic Plan Framework for 2020-2025. This session was designed to lay the foundation for the District's work ahead and to establish norms for collaboratively working to identify equitable systems priorities. The library was packed for this first session and the District is very thankful for those who were able to attend. As the plan for future sessions continues, the District encourages all faculty, parents, alumni, students, community members, and other stakeholders to join in the conversation. It is understood that attendance at every session may not be possible. In consideration of that reality, the District asks for your ongoing commitment and voice throughout this journey.
group at session #1
In the next session, participants will listen to and learn from each other, as the group acknowledges the rich diversity of the District and deepens their understanding of the many ways we navigate and experience our district. More details about this work and upcoming sessions will be shared throughout the planning process.
Upcoming Session Schedule (all 6-8pm)

Wed., Nov. 20: Equity Training
Wed., Dec. 11: Visions of an Equitable School System
Wed., Jan. 8: Identify Priorities on Academic Mastery & Character Citizenship
Wed., Feb. 5: Identify Priorities on Wellness and School Staff
Wed., March 4: Confirmation of 2020-25 Strategic Framework; Reflections, & Affirmations
For more background information on this strategic framework process, click here. With any questions, please contact Shorewood Schools Superintendent Dr. Bryan Davis or Director for Equity Sam Coleman.