Student Support Services

The K-12 Counseling Program implemented in the Shorewood School District is intended to address the needs of the "whole child" at developmentally appropriate age levels and to build a foundation of good decision-making skills that serves the student into adulthood.

Our Team

The Elementary Student Support team is comprised of two school counselors and one school psychologist.

Marissa Mautner
Atwater Elementary Counselor
Catherine Harrison
Lake Bluff Elementary Counselor
Abigail Meier
Atwater Elementary & SIS Psychologist

Hannah Wittenburg
Lake Bluff Psychologist
To email someone on the administrative team, please use their first initial and last name followed by 
Ex: John Doe, 
[email protected].

When should I contact my child's school counselor?

Parents contact a school counselor to help their children with a variety of issues, such as academic achievement; new school registration, orientation and transition; special needs; student crisis situations; family transitions; and higher education issues.Student Support services provides guidance in the following areas:
  • Academic Success
  • Personal Safety
  • Self-Understanding/Management
  • Careers
  • Transitions
  • Communication/Social Skills
  • Citizenship
  • Diversity
  • Character Education

Click here to view the District's Mental Health and Wellness page.


Please read Atwater School Counselor Sasha Albrecht's Blog for timely, useful information!


Resource for free & low cost health clinics

Many clinics in Wisconsin are available for people with little or no insurance. Open the PDFs to print or view a list of clinics in alphabetical order, by clinic name. Or click on a red dot on the maps below to get clinic addresses, hours, and phone numbers. You can zoom in on the maps by double clicking near the area where you live. Or you can zoom in or out by using the plus or minus sign in the upper left corner of each map.