Strategic Plan

The Shorewood School District is committed to provide "Equity, Growth and Excellence for All". We know from research and our experiences that equitable school practices and policies benefit everyone, and therefore, our commitment is to create a more equitable school system while focusing on the District’s priorities within our District Strategic Framework for 2020-2025. The framework is focused on integrating equity into our five district pillars that are grounded in the outcomes created by over 100 community members at the Shorewood School Summit in 2015-2016: Academic Mastery, Character and Citizenship, Wellness
strategic framework
For the 2021-22 school year, the District has determined the following priorities within these pillars:
1) Early Literacy Instruction (4K - 4th Grade) 
2) Integrated Social Emotional Learning Curriculum (4K - 12th Grade)
3) Retainment of Staff of Color 
4) Systemic Improvements for Equitable Student Results (ICS for Equity - Year 2)
5) Enhance Connectedness & Belonging for All Students and Staff