Early Learning Framework

The mission of the Shorewood School District is to graduate students prepared to meet the challenges of the future. Building upon a tradition of excellence, we will work in partnership with families and the community to provide a liberal arts education responsive to each student's talent and abilities.

For our 4K and 5K kindergarten students, we provide experiences to promote students' self expression, creativity, literacy, math, science and social studies concepts, as well as physical development and cultivation of art and musical abilities. 

Some of the focuses of our early learning framework include: 

  • Using active learning and the power of play to teach young children to solve problems, discover relationships and make comparisons. 
  • Physical activities are used to help students develop gross and fine motor skills and to increase the overall well-being of each student. Students participate in simple games and activities to help develop these skills. 
  • A wide variety of art media, ranging from paint to crayon, are used to help students express themselves and develop their creativity while also teaching social skills like cooperation and problem solving. 
  • Students develop basic concepts of print and begin to engage in the reading and writing processes by developing phonemic awareness, participating in writing workshops, writing upper and lower case letters, as well as other activities. 
  • To help students lay a strong mathematics foundation, students explore math concepts including addition and subtraction through manipulative and dramatic play, learn the days and months of each calendar year, explore the concepts of time and money, and more. 
  • Students are actively involved in learning science by developing scientific inquiry, studying habitats, life cycles, the change of seasons and also practice healthy grooming habits. 
  • The kindergarten social studies program focuses on children getting to know themselves as individuals, as members of a family and members of a community. Students are also exposed to a wide variety of cultural customs, celebrations and traditions. This program is integrated into the total kindergarten school experience. 

For more information about Shorewood's Early Learning Framework for 4K and 5K kindergarten, please contact your child's potential or current school.