School Board Updates and Meeting Reminders - 6/23

Dear Shorewood Families,

Please see below for upcoming events and meeting reminders as well as highlights from the most recent School Board meeting.

Upcoming Events & Meetings

Four Lake Bluff Principal candidates have been selected for final interviews which will take place tomorrow, June 24, and Monday, June 27. The District has broad representation from faculty, staff, and parents participating on the interview panel, and families are invited to attend the final interviews and provide feedback. Following the interview process, Dr. Sternke will make a hiring decision and bring a recommendation to the Board.

The next School Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 28 at 7pm. Participants can join the meeting in-person or virtually. Please note masks are recommended but optional for in-person attendees. You can find all Board packets and agenda items here

For those participating in the ICS Community Equity Ally Academy, the next session takes place on Wednesday, June 29, 6-8:30pm. To learn more about the Academy and view the meeting schedule, visit the District website.

June 14th Board Meeting Highlights

Student Achievements Presentation
For six years now, Shorewood has offered SIS/SHS students who identify as female the opportunity to participate in the Girls Who Code (GWC) club. GWC is a worldwide nonprofit organization which aims to support and increase the number of women in computer science by equipping young women with the necessary computing skills to pursue 21st century opportunities.

Shorewood chapter mentors Carly Fristoe (mobile engineering manager at Northwestern Mutual) and Jessica Albert (software developer at Baird employee) attended the Board meeting along with SHS student representatives Noe Goldhaber and Makayla Lawrence to talk more about the club’s objectives and goals, the hands-on projects the group participates in, and the overall GWC experience.

To learn more about Shorewood GWC, watch the Board meeting (starting at 5:30) or visit their website.

Approved 2022-23 Budget
The Board unanimously approved the Preliminary Budget for the 2022-23 school year. This preliminary budget includes the best estimates of expected revenue and expenditures for the upcoming school year. Adjustments will be made throughout the summer and early fall to develop the original budget to be approved by the Board in October.

Important assumptions about the preliminary budget: 

  • Per pupil revenue limit increase at $0
  • Total District enrollment of 1,922 students
  • $500,000 in Esser III funding
  • Property tax levy increase of $1,214,110
  • General state aid reduction of $455,880
  • 4.7% increase in base wages
  • Net reduction in salary expenses of $595,209
  • $236,384 spending reduction on purchased services and materials

To view the detailed budget and a full set of assumptions, view this 2022-23 Preliminary Budget document.

SEED Presents Checks to District
SEED Board members Melissa Nelsen, Angie Price, and Shawn Brown presented three checks to the District from SEED’s fundraising efforts over the 2021-22 school year.  

The first check presented–in the amount of $5,470–was for the schools’ wishlist items, which were determined by each school principal. $1,075 will be split between both elementary schools for their Urban Ecology Center membership; $700 will be given to SIS for a circuit playground; and $3,695 will be given to the SHS Watershed Wisdom program ($5,000 was already provided to WW for canoes and a trailer). 

The second check presented–in the amount of $22,145–will go towards spring teacher grants. $10,980 will be awarded to the SHS physics lab for new equipment; $8,500 will go towards funding a second year of Project Wayfinder at SIS; and $2,665 will go to the band program at both elementary schools for the purchase of oboes and bassoons.

The last check presented– $150,000–was given to support the District’s strategic plan initiatives. $25,700 will be spent on the literacy curriculum for grades K4-8; $27,000 will go towards a Fine Arts curriculum update/alignment; and $97,300 will be used to support the District’s partnership with Children’s Hospital for mental health services.

Thank you to the SEED Foundation for their unwavering support of the District and its students and staff. Learn more about the Shorewood SEED Foundation here.


Paru Shah, Shorewood School Board President
[email protected]