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New Horizons for Learning

Dear Prospective Parents & Students,

In January of 2005, I was afforded the opportunity to apply these principles to foster the growth of “at-risk” students in a different community. Dr. Richard Monroe, former principal of Shorewood High School, and Dr. Debra Taylor, Director of Student Services for the Shorewood School District, asked me to co-chair a committee to formulate a school mission, redesign a school model, and coordinate operations of a new charter school called New Horizons Charter School for Learning.

The Mission is designed to empower “at-risk” students and to reflect the progressive values of the Shorewood community. Through our collective efforts, our team is creating an environment that nurtures the diverse needs of “at-risk” students, cultivates life-long learning, and instills integrity, responsibility, and citizenship.

Our mission is guiding us toward the creation of an educational model that consists of five interdependent components. The redesign process mirrors our instructional practice intended for our target learners. Committee members consist of students, parents, community members, university representatives, teachers, and school administrators—all contributing their knowledge and expertise to the final school design for New Horizons. We abandon the traditional teacher-centered narrative approach in favor of a conference setting that engages all group members. Sub-groups are formed around personal interest and expertise, making committee members facilitators for change.

The framework for New Horizons reflects our collective vision and teamwork. Five interdependent components form the pillars for our school.

Co-intentional learning symbolizes the contribution of experience that student and teacher supply toward learning. (2) Differentiated instruction offers variety and choice to demonstrate learning. (3) Educational stakeholders share in the responsibility of each student’s success. (4) “Transitioning” forms direction toward pursuits such as higher education, employment, or community involvement. Finally, (5) technology provides the ability for the 21st century learner to research, construct, and extend learning to others.

Bohdan V. Nedilsky, MEd, New Horizons Instructional Director

Our Team
Tim Kenney
Bohdan Nedilsky
Instructional Director
Renee Glembin
Brandon Hemphill
Teaching Asst.
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