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Legislative Update from the Wisconsin Association of Business Officials (WASBO): this video provides an overview of Wisconsin school finance and what the outcomes of the 2023-25 state budget could mean for school districts and their ability to serve their schools and students.
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Wisconsin State Representative Darrin Madison is excited to host his first Town Hall in Shorewood! The town hall will be focused on the Wisconsin State Budget process, which is currently being debated in the Wisconsin Legislature. Rep. Madison will share a presentation on the State Budget process and key policies that will impact Shorewood. The second half of the Town Hall will be opened up for questions from constituents and the policies that they would like to see in the state budget. Village President Ann McKaig, School Board Member Emily Berry, and Trustee Arthur Ircink will be in attendance to help facilitate conversations regarding Shorewood priorities in the Wisconsin Legislature. We hope to see you there!
If you are unavailable to attend the Shorewood Town Hall, we encourage you to attend one of the other Town Halls happening on Saturday, April 29th.
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Joint Finance Committee Hearing
Wednesday, April 26, 2023 Lakeland Union High School
9573 State Highway 70, Minocqua
April 5, 2023
On Wednesday, April 5, District parent Angie Price and School Board member Emily Berry had the opportunity to testify before the State Legislature's Joint Finance Committee at the first of several budget hearings happening across the state.

Along with other districts from the Southeast Wisconsin School Alliance (SWSA), Shorewood is advocating for increased public education funding, specifically with an increase in reimbursement rate for special education services and an increase to school district revenue limits. You can read the Board’s resolution re: state funding below.

Mrs. Price's testimony caught the attention of the ranking Democrats on the committee, and they followed up with her to capture more of her perspective on special education funding. You can view that clip here.

March 14, 2023

Resolution Regarding Support for Investing in Our Public Schools Through the 2023-25 Wisconsin State Budget

Whereas, the school board, administrators, teachers, staff, parents and community members of the Shorewood School District are united in our effort to provide all children with the highest quality educational opportunities possible; and

Whereas, in the absence of additional revenue limit authority, districts across Wisconsin have been forced to use federal COVID-19 funds to cover budget gaps the state failed to address in the current biennium budget; and

Whereas, the federal COVID-19 funds were created to address the additional stressors brought on by the pandemic, and were never intended to supplant state and local funding; and

Whereas, inflationary costs have impacted all areas of school funding from utilities to staff compensation; and

Whereas,  attempts from the state to provide school districts with additional funds through increasing general aid without increasing the revenue limit resulted in districts receiving no additional spendable dollars in the current state biennium budget; and

Whereas, the majority of school districts are facing financial crises which could be solved by legislative action from Madison; and

Whereas, the decision not to properly fund schools will ultimately impact the educational quality of our state’s children;

Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the Shorewood School District joins with other school districts of Wisconsin in partnering with the Southeastern Wisconsin Schools Alliance in calling on the Committee of Joint Finance to support the following investments in public education:

  • A per pupil spending increase of $1,510 over the biennium; 
  • Increase special education reimbursements to 60% in Year One and 90% in Year Two; and
  • Sustainable categorical aid funding for mental health services.