Intermediate School

Shorewood Intermediate School serves the unique needs and characteristics of the young adolescent including physical, physiological, intellectual, social, moral and ethical needs. Some of the hallmarks of our program include:
  • A student-centered approach that is based on respect among students and staff, among peers, between the world inside school and the greater worlds outside.

  • Daily performance music (band, orchestra and/or choir) as well as four core academics areas and world language, physical education and visual arts programs.

  • Student leadership opportunities through student council, athletics, drama, and other school wide enrichment related travel opportunities.

  • A daily advisory period designed to further enhance each student’s character education through discussion of issues surrounding peer and family relationships, individual decision making, and responsibility to the school and larger community.

  • A wide array of experiential learning opportunities including Outdoor Education for 7th graders, Winter Experience for 8th graders, and athletic, performing arts, and academic options.