Advanced Learning

In Shorewood, we believe all students have gifts and talents and our School District endeavors to see that each student is served by skilled and responsive teachers working within a variety of programs designed to help students maximize their talents and abilities. The Advanced Learning Program is an important facet of our larger mission, which is to provide the best educational experience for all students. ​
Belief Statements
  • We believe that equitable identification is essential to serving a diverse population of Advanced Learners.
  • We believe that the Advanced Learning Department should offer a continuum of interventions that are aligned to Wisconsin’s Framework for Equitable Multi-Level Systems of Supports.
  • We believe that Advanced Learners are entitled to rigorous and relevant opportunities appropriate to their needs, interests, and abilities.
  • We believe that a partnership between students, parents, teachers, and the school district is essential to meet the needs of Advanced Learners.

Our Team

Jennifer Murphy Damm
District Advanced Learning Coordinator
Jake Reynolds
Advanced Learning Teacher
Hilary Kim
Advanced Learning Instructional Aide
Rachel Davauer
Advanced Learning Instructional Aide