Advanced Learning

In Shorewood, we believe all students have gifts and talents and our School District endeavors to see that each student is served by skilled and responsive teachers working within a variety of programs designed to help students maximize their talents and abilities. The Advanced Learning Program is an important facet of our larger mission, which is to provide the best educational experience for all students. ​
School Closure Resources
If you are looking for some additional enrichment and extension resources for your child, check out this Advanced Learning Google Site! You will find ideas for a variety of subject areas, with more ideas being added on a weekly basis.
Due to COVID-19 and the need to stay at home, we are not able to hold our previously-scheduled Advanced Learning Information Session in person on Monday, April 20th. Instead, please see the slide deck which contains the information that would have been shared along with notes. Please contact Sam Coleman, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, or Jennifer Cosgrove, Advanced Learning Coordinator, with any questions or concerns. Thank you!
Summer Enrichment Resources
Hopefully things will be somewhat back to normal by the summer months! If you are looking for some summer enrichment ideas for your children, please see this document for more information.
Our Team:
Jennifer Cosgrove
Advanced Learning Teacher/Coordinator
Direct: 414-961-2849
Atwater: 414-961-6962 x5224
Jennifer Damm
Advanced Learning Teacher
Mary Gorman
Advanced Learning Instructional Aide
Lake Bluff: 414-963-6972 x4220
Deb Kersting
Advanced Learning Instructional Aide