Supplies and Fees

Supply Lists
You may pay by MasterCard, Visa, or bank draft online via the Infinite Campus Portal; or in-person at school with cash or check. You may pay in full or in installments; we ask that you pay at least 25% of fees at Forms & Fees Day; you will be mailed regular statements for any remaining balances.
During online registration (or anytime during the school year), please apply for the Free & Reduced Meal Program if you believe you may qualify. This is an annual requirement. A Fee Reduction Request is a separate application and also needs to be applied for every year.
  • If you qualify for federal free meals you will owe 25% of fees.**
  • If you qualify for federal reduced price meals you will owe 50% of fees.**
FEES FOR ALL STUDENTS Amount Description
Student Fee
$80: K4-K5
$130: 1st-6th grade
Consumables such as paper, toner, pencils, markers, tape, etc, & upkeep of student-used equipment and materials
Scholastic/Weekly Reader $5: 1st-5th Grade
$12: 6th Grade
A weekly educational classroom magazine designed for children
ACE (Arts in Community Education) $8.50: K5-5th Grade This nationally acclaimed program enhances students’ education through the integration of music & art into the school curriculum, accomplished through six ACE program components
Planner $5: 1, 3/4, 4th-6th Grade An assignment notebook all students are given to help stay organized
UEC (Urban Ecology Center)
$8.50: K4
$25: K5
$8: 1st-2nd Grade
$16: 3rd Grade
$8: 3/4-6th Grade
A nonprofit organization in Milwaukee. Their mission is to educate the Milwaukee community about the environment, conservation, sustainability, and other issues related to urban ecology, as well as to preserve and protect the natural areas in the city
OPTIONAL FEE Amount Description
Yearbook $16 Full color yearbook issued in June that includes photography and artwork submitted by students