Your donation will go to the SHS student advocacy organization, Youth Rising Up*. Funds will be used to support:

1) Advocacy work at SHS and advocacy work outside of SHS as identified by Youth Rising Up members
2) Leadership opportunities such as speaking/participating at local, state and national conferences
When making your donation, please be sure to type "YRU" or "Youth Rising Up" in the "Add a note" section of the PayPal transaction to indicate where the funds should be allocated.
Click the Donate button below to contribute:
Youth Rising Up encourages an additional contribution to Black Lives Matter to support the critical, ongoing work to end the appalling brutality against people of color. Donate to Black Lives Matter here.
*Youth Rising Up serves as a student organization to foster student development through diversity, academics, and social services. The purpose of Y.R.U. is to promote activities of common interest, as well as cultural and educational benefits for all students. In addition, to continue to promote community and self-enrichment by way of community service and volunteerism.
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