August Charles Edward Backus

August Charles Edward "Ace" Backus - (Class of 1949, Received Award in 2003)

August was a social worker and community activist for civil rights and open housing.

Tuition student in Shorewood from Fox Point; member of choir, debate club, square dance club and first president of the ski club . . . degree in social psychology from UW Madison . . . worked in Milwaukee at Neighborhood House as a social worker and as a block organizer for the ShermanPark Community Association . . . beginning in the 1960’s, Backus was very active in civil rights organizations; he supported gay rights and opposed guns and violence; member of the Wisconsin Fair Housing Council and United Community Services, volunteer for MPS . . . he was born into a privileged Milwaukee family, but gave his life to public service . . . Backus, his wife and six children always lived in the areas where he worked.