Jonathan Schnur

Jonathan Schnur (Class of 1984, Received Award in 2012)

Jonathan Schnur’s interest in improving education began at Shorewood high school where he spent a week attending an MPS school and reporting on his experience for Ripples. Since his graduation from Princeton, he has worked to improve public education from many different angles.

He worked with Harvard University to establish New Leaders, an organization designed to develop quality school principals. He founded and is currently involved with America Achieves, a national organization devoted to making America a global leader in educational excellence and equity and to preparing every student for citizenship, college and careers.

He recently served as senior advisor to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, co-chair of the Obama for America Education Policy Committee and as a member of the Obama Presidential Transition Team. Previously, Schnur served as President Clinton's White House Associate Director for Educational Policy, and as special assistant to U.S. Secretary of Education Dick Riley.