Louis Romano

Louis Romano (Teacher & staff member 1945 – 1964, Received Award in 2003)

Louis was a Lake Bluff teacher, District Director of Instruction, and District Assistant Superintendent, working in the Shorewood School District from 1945 – 1964. He obtained degrees at UW Milwaukee and Madison . . . as Director of Instruction he introduced modern mathematics in kindergarten through high school and published curriculum guides in many academic areas . . . co-authored “Gertie the Duck” and “Exploring Wisconsin,” a text used in Wisconsin 4th – 5th grades for 25 years . . . received the endorsement of Dr. Martin Luther King for 60 books he wrote focusing on African American men and women leaders in the sciences, business and athletics. . . was superintendent at Wilmette, IL and finished his career at Michigan State University where he focused on middle level education and was nationally recognized for his expertise.