Nancy Lee (Weeks) Koss

nancy kossNancy Lee (Weeks) Koss was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and attended Atwater School, Shorewood High School, and the Layton School of Art. She was fiercely devoted to her faith and taught Vacation Bible School. In addition, she served on several local charity boards including Junior Achievement Women’s Association, the Boys and Girls Club, and the Milwaukee Art Museum, where she and her husband chaired the Bal Du Lac. Nancy was also member of the Raleigh Tavern Society of Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia and was chosen to screen Wisconsin applicants for admission to West Point.
The tennis loving, teenaged Nancy Weeks met the love of her life, John C. Koss, while still attending High School. The couple dated before marrying in 1952. She is credited with helping her husband John birth the Koss Corporation. In 1953 the couple invested $200 to create the Koss Hospital Television Rental Company. The money represented the couple’s life savings and was used to purchase broken televisions to repair, and rent, to Milwaukee hospital patients.
In 1958, Nancy's unwavering faith helped create a product that changed the way people listen to music: The World's First SP/3 Stereophone. She was known to bake Royalite earcups for the headphones in her kitchen oven before cooking meals for her husband’s musician friends that gathered to assemble the first SP/3 models.
A devoted mother, Nancy Koss had five children in six years, and went on to become a Grandmother to fifteen grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.